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Hang Tight Towel Sweary Words Pattern

Hang Tight Towel Sweary Words Pattern


We all know how frustrating it can be when we can't find the perfect towel to match our mood. Well, search no more! The Sweary Words patterned kitchen towel is perfect for those days when you need to let your towel do the talking.

Made of 100% high-quality cotton, this 26" square towel is hemmed on all four sides and comes with a Hang Tight Towel® loop for easy hanging. It's also pre-washed to lock in those vibrant colors and screen-printed with AZO-free ink for safety. Plus, the all-over cuss words pattern will definitely make a statement in your kitchen.
100% High-Quality Flour Sack Cotton
Hemmed on all four sides
26" x 26"
Includes patented Hang Tight Towel® Loop
Pre-Washed / Absorbent
Screen-printed with AZO-free ink
Design reads: Fucker, Dick, Shit, Bitch, MOFO, and other various swear words
All-Over Cuss Words Pattern

Figure Sculpting
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