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Cancellation Policy

Due to our small class sizes and limited schedule availability we ask that you are aware of our policy regarding cancelations. When you register for a class you are holding a space that is no longer available to others who are interested in that class. Similarly, when you book a private event that scheduled date is no longer available for us to hold other classes or events. However, we understand that there are unforeseen circumstances that may result in the necessity to cancel. We respectfully request that you are familiar with our cancellation policy.

Private Events:

Our privately scheduled events require a Non-Refundable deposit of the cost of 3 attendees.

If you are registered for a class and need to cancel we ask that you let us know ahead of time so that we are able to offer your spot to someone else who is interested.


4/6 Week Classes:

10 days or more prior to the date – 100% refund

7 days prior to the date – 50% refund

3 days prior to the date – 25% refund


1-time Classes:

3 days prior to the date – 50% refund

1 day prior to the date – 25% refund


Same Day Cancellations – will not receive a refund

A No-Show -when you have not attended a class you have registered for without cancelling
it is treated as a same day cancellation.

PAYPAL - Please know that any refund issued through PayPal (at any point of time) requires processing fees and will be deducted from the refund amount.


Due to the structure of our classes if you are more than 15 minutes late for a class it is difficult to accommodate for this and catch you up with the other participants and may also be considered as a same day cancellation.


In order to cancel please call during business hours, or email and we will process the cancellation respective to our policy.

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