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8 Gauge Type K 6" Thermocouple

8 Gauge Type K 6" Thermocouple


Skutt Part # 1515

Thermocouples are made of two types of wire. The temperature is read from the thermocouple probe's tip that is inside the kiln and where the two different wires meet. All thermocouples are designed the same way and are interchangeable between kilns. The length of the thermocouple will be determined by the thickness of your kiln walls.

Fits Skutt and Amaco top loading kilns.

This Replacement Type K 6" Thermocouple fits most Skutt 2.5" and 3" electric kilns that do not have S-type Thermocouple.

Does not fit Paragon or double walled Cone Art kilns.

Please make sure you have accurately measured your replacement part before ordering.

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