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MudTools Diamond Burr 5/32'

MudTools Diamond Burr 5/32'


These Diamond Sharpening Burrs are perfect for putting the edge back on your favorite blade. Use this burr bit with a Dremel, flex shaft or other drill that holds an 1/8″ shaft. These burrs have a fine coating of diamond dust to cut quickly and smoothly through metal. A slight bevel on one side indicates the sharpened side of the tool, this is the side to use the Diamond Burr on. A light pass over the sharpened side should be enough to renew most blades.  

The 5/32 is best for the Dragtool; the 7/32 is ideal for the Do•All and Petal Knives.

NOTE: The diamond burr is to be used with a Dremel, flex shaft or drill. The shaft of the Diamond Burr bit is 1/8".

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