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Mr. Marks Wax On Resist 8oz

Mr. Marks Wax On Resist 8oz


Mr. Marks’ Wax ON is a wax resist product that contains a special hardener that quickly sets the wax and eliminates dripping and tacky surfaces. It was created to eliminate problematic dripping and tacky surfaces when applying wax. Now you can decorate with wax during glazing without worrying about pesky smudges and sticky fingers. It is ideal for creating detailed, precise surface decoration on bisqueware and can be applied with either a brush or slip applicator. Its purple color allows you to easily visualize where wax is applied. However, the color burns out in the firing, just like regular wax.

Wax ON should be stored at room temperature and mixed well before use. Brushes and tools used for application of Wax ON should be washed after use.

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